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Q. What one part of county government would receive more attention if you were elected?

A. When elected I would definitely give more attention towards our public safety department. As you can tell by my issues i support crime is a very high priority which needs more attention then what it has been given. Due to this i will then focus quite a bit, definitely not all, of my attention towards our public safety issue in Vermilion County.


Q. Should the county be encouraging building and development?

A. ABSOLUTELY! Without building and development our county cannot develop and grow! Our county should spend a little time encouraging building and development in order to bring more people to our county. When we lack in this our county drops in population when we should be rising! We want to be a large and happy county not small and sad. 


Q. Should county board members write and adopt specific policies, or should the details of these policies be crafted and implemented by boards, commissions or outside specialists?

A. When it comes to specific policies needing to be reviewed i would definitely say we should have an outside specialist look over the policy depending on the complexity of the issue. However i do not think that it should be up to outside board and commissions to craft these policies. We are an elected Board for a reason to do this ourselves! 


Q. What’s more important for our county right now: building new homes and commercial space or rehabbing/expanding/better utilizing our existing homes and storefronts?

A. I think we should definitely utilize the existing homes and storefronts. We have so many buildings in our district alone that has amazing potential yet is being neglected for the finding to build new buildings! If we are to focus on the existing buildings we could better our cities and utilize history!


Q.  How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process in our town?

A.  It is important to me that the community has a say so in what policies are implemented since it affects you as a community! I would definitely bring the possibility of a vote public and use that transparency to keep you updated. I will my email, phone and website available to the public for their opinions regarding the decision to be made. 


Q. If you received a $1 million grant to use for the county any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

A. I would definitely invest the money in a community based medical ability! There are far to many men, women and children who need medical assistance yet lack the availability to receive it. 



If you have any questions and would like an answer you are free to use the contact tab and send me a message asking your questions! I am willing to answer any questions you may have! Stay tuned for more FAQ's and events to get the opportunity to ask questions in person! 

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