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About Gilonske

Connor Gilonske is a lifelong resident of Vermilion County and a strong supporter of his community! Gilonske see's great potential in his district yet no one is doing anything to bring out that greatness. A few months ago Mr. Gilonske was speaking with a few friends when they stumbled onto the topic of politics. Discussing our views we came to realize that we were of different parties but noticed something wrong with our county's government! Jokingly, we said one of us should run for county board and do something about it. Several days passed and this was all that was on my mind - should I run? 

Not sure if running for office was my thing, I contacted our local Democratic Party HQ and was appointed as a precinct committee person. Getting more involved in politics I realized that with the support from the Democratic Party maybe i could do this! In August i decided I could definitely run for office - which ended with me announcing my candidacy for County Board District 1!


A little bit about myself:

  • I love kids! Children are the next generation of our communities - our next LEADERS! 
  • Considering studying to become an Elementary School Teacher!
  • Volunteer at my church whenever i can!
  • I will volunteer wherever will let me!
  • I absolutely love cooking and baking - more like designing the plates to look PRETTY!


I will do whatever it takes to make our county a much better place! I love our county and i love everyone who lives in it and will stop at nothing to make it worth living in! If you have any questions feel free to check out my FAQ page!

District 1 to Elect Connor Gilonske
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